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Welcome home.

If you have a story to tell, Storytellers is for you. If you're a creative looking for like minds, Storytellers is for you. If you want to learn more about the business of storytelling, media and entertainment, Storytellers is for you.

Most of all, if you're invested in seeing Pan-African creatives and storytellers make waves, you've found a home. Welcome.


A note from our founder.

Put simply, Storytellers was founded to even the scales. Africans are natural born storytellers and creators, who have made great strides in putting our stories out into the world. There is no continent on earth that has more potential to do more, create more, and impact more people while doing so.

We've heard from many creatives and the pain points are usually the same; lack of resources, and lack of access. 


Storytellers is here to provide tangible help. You'll hear from the people that shape the Media and Entertainment industry - the people that make your favorite films, music, podcasts and scripts. You'll be the first to know about opportunities, to get hands on experience, and you'll meet co-conspirators - people just like you, working to make their storytelling dreams come true.

One thing's for sure, what makes Storytellers work is the people who see us, believe in us, and join us. From our conference attendees, to our mailing list and followers on social - you're that spark that feeds and grows us. Here's to even greater heights.

- Reni Somoye |  Founder, Storytellers

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